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We provide geocoded business directory listings of local business listings, geocoding services, and databases of the world, with regions, cities, zip/postal codes, latitude and longitude information. Purchase data for countries, regions, cities, or custom searched business categories. Our data is also ideal for Iphone, blackberry, android, smartphone, and gps applications. See our data in action at www.socialstreets.com. We're a leader in location-based services and POI databases and data files.
We also do batch geocoding for clients who need to geocode their existing address records. The rates vary with the size of the batch, and a small processing fee applies for small batches. Send us a CSV or Excel file to , and we will geocode the file and return the data to you with latitudes and longitudes within a few hours.
Country Total records
Austria Austria» 247652
Australia Australia» 1172409
Belgium Belgium» 1478153
Canada Canada» 1883972
Denmark Denmark» 302772
Germany Germany» 2309651
France France» 330096
Italy Italy» 467433
Netherlands Netherlands» 333931
New Zealand New Zealand» 109867
Spain Spain» 1159272
Switzerland Switzerland» 734236
United Kingdom United Kingdom» 2230532
United States United States» 25156616
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Note: A geocoded IP addresses is not as accurate as a geocoded postal address.

Why Geocode?
While an address can help locate a business or client, it cannot be relied upon to make business decisions when accuracy really counts. In order to get better results, your business processes need to be based on true locations - which requires exact longitudes and latitudes. Geocode Source will help you determine these coordinates and link this intelligence to a street address. Sample applications are: Web Mashups, Enhanced Points of Interest Services (POI), GPS and location-ware device applications, Insurance Territory Assignment, Vehicle Routing, Delivery Services, Demographics & Consumer Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Risk Exposure Analysis.

What is Geocoding?
Geocoding is the process of assigning geographic identifiers (e.g., codes or geographic coordinates expressed as latitude-longitude) to map features and other data records, such as street addresses.

What is Location Intelligence?
Location Intelligence is the capacity to organize and understand complex phenomena through the use of geographic relationships inherent in all information. By combining geographic- and location-related data with other business data, organizations can gain critical insights, make better decisions and optimize important processes and applications. Location Intelligence offers organizations opportunities to streamline their business processes and customer relationships to improve performance and results.
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